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Richard’s next book ready for Pre-Order now!!!

The Power of Praise – only $3.99

Book is already available for pre-order here (Release date: 31st August 2019)

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From Richard James Rogers: bestselling author of ‘The Quick Guide to Classroom Management’ comes this groundbreaking text on The Power of Praise in the context of teaching.

Getting a handle on how to give sincere praise on a regular basis, and giving it regularly to the same students (i.e. all of our students), is a skill that the very best practitioners have mastered.

Praise is not the cute fluff-ball it appears to be, however. It is complex, dynamic and works effectively through a variety of methods. This book teaches you those methods.


An Excellent Meetup on Marking and Assessment Strategies: 8th August 

I was honored to host another successful Meetup at the Starbucks Community Room, Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 on Thursday. In this session, we discussed ways in which we could apply the following techniques to our teaching practice:

  • Diffusive Live Marking
  • Absorptive Live Marking
  • Peer and Self Assessment
  • Automated assessment techniques (such as using Class Dojo)
  • The use of rubrics in the process of Self and Peer Assessment 

Meetup Marking and Assessment

I’ve written a number of blog posts about Marking and Assessment techniques which teachers can access below:

You may also wish to watch this video on ‘live marking’ which I created:

I will be offering this session again in two weeks time. Click on the image below to sign up:

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Using ICT in Teaching

Thursday 1st August 2019 at Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, Starbucks Community Room (Bangkok, Thailand)

This was another great meetup in which we explored practical, fun and free ways to use excellent ICT systems to enhance our students’ learning. 

Meetup 1st August 2019

The systems we tested were:

  • Nearpod: An amazing interactive slideshow system (kids can draw pictures, vote in polls and even answer MCQ quizzes on their smartphones and mobile devices)
  • Google Suite: Including Google Docs and Google Slides – great for collaborative project work
  • Class Dojo: An excellent pupil tracking and monitoring system. Allows you to create classes, award points, set homework and collect portfolios of work.
  • Kahoot!: The classic MCQ quiz system that is unrivaled. Play in classic mode, team mode or even set kahoot! quizzes as homework (with auto-generated attainment reports that break down achievement on a question-by-question basis).
  • Scratch: A complex system (you’ll have to do some reading up) that allows kids to create their own computer games, simulations and animations using blocks of code.
  • Brilliant: Banks of puzzles and notes for maths, science and computer studies (Thank you, Sonali, for sharing that with us!). 


Building Rapport: Professional Intelligence and Subtle Reinforcement

Thursday 25th July 2019 at Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, Starbucks Community Room (Bangkok, Thailand)

I was honored to host another successful meetup today with colleagues in Bangkok. This week our theme was Subtle Reinforcement and Professional Intelligence. We had a lot of fun and we shared ideas on how to use games like Kahoot! and Mystery Picture in our lessons. 

Thank you to everyone for coming out in the pouring rain. 

You can read more about Subtle Reinforcement here. Some extra-reading about Professional Intelligence can be found here

You may also like to watch this video about subtle reinforcement:


Easy to use Learning Games, Thursday July 18th (Bangkok, Thailand)

Starbucks conference room, Central Rama 9 (Banking Zone), 6.30pm

This was the first Meetup of its kind in Bangkok and it was a resounding success. Taking over the Starbucks Community Room in Central Rama 9 on Thursday, I and a cozy team of 4 teachers re-inacted and demonstrated many of the learning games in my book – all of which require little-to-no preparation time (see my blog posts here and here).

We played ‘Vocabulary Musical Chairs’, stuck post-it notes on our heads in the game ‘Who am I?’, eliminated each other in the game ‘Corners’ and even had some fun creating interesting phrase about animals in the game ‘Memory Mind Bender’. 

It was tremendous fun and it was great to meet new friends and share ideas with one-another.

I’m leading free CPD sessions like this every Thursday at Starbucks, Central Rama 9 (upstairs in the banking zone), every Thursday at 18.30. Any teachers based in Bangkok, or visiting Bangkok, are very welcome to attend. To join our group you can sign up at




Marking and assessment strategies plus.png

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