The Times Educational Supplement: Supporting Teachers in More Ways than One

The TES is helping teachers worldwide to teach effectively, share resources and make a bu
The TES is helping teachers worldwide to teach effectively, share resources and make a bit of money too!

As a keen and energetic Newly Qualified Teacher in 2006, I was always trying to acquire and create the very best resources to help my students learn the topics I was teaching them. Back then, I found the TES very quickly, and created my account with the (catchy?) username richardrogersscience.

I loved the easy way that I could download worksheets, lesson plans, games and presentations that my ‘online colleagues’ had created, and this really, really helped to support me as I was learning how to be an effective educator. Shortly afterwards, I started uploading my own resources that I had created, with some of them achieving over a thousand downloads! This, along with the very nice comments from happy customers, really helped to motivate me to be the best educator I could be and to continue to create the best resources I could.

Now I’m very pleased to say that the TES have taken their services a step further and now allow teachers to sell their resources through their site, and offer 60% in royalties! The effect this had had on me has been tremendous. Just look:

  1. Now that the TES are kindly allowing me to make a bit of money, I feel even more motivated than ever to create the very best resources to help teachers all over the world
  2. By being motivated to create top-quality resources, my subject-knowledge increases in the process of making them
  3. I am able to set my price ethically (at one or two pounds), so that other teachers don’t have to pay too much
  4. Since I’m writing a book about classroom management, I can also sell chapters of this  through the TES too! This allows me to help with teacher training and pedagogy, as well as providing useful resources for NQT’s.

I would like to finish by thanking the TES for their professional and user-friendly platform, which has been a foundational cornerstone of my teaching career ever since I entered my first classroom as a trainee teacher in 2006.

You can view my shop on the TES at

Why don’t you make a shop of your own? It’s quick and easy!

Richard the Teacher

13th September 2015