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A directory of Richard’s blog posts, organised in descending date order, is given below:

The ‘Lazy Mindset’: Some Teachers Don’t Even Try [26th January 2020]

Gender-Neutral Toilets in Schools: Some Research and Conclusions [19th January 2020]

On Gender-Neutral Toilets in Schools [12th January 2020]

Happy New Year 2020 [31st December 2019]

Becoming a Google Certified Educator [29th December 2019]

What Should Teachers do with their Time-Off? [22nd December 2019]

Using Google Apps in Teaching [20th December 2019]

Smartphone Addiction is Destroying Children’s Lives [1st December 2019]

Preparing Students for Mock Exams [24th November 2019]

David Goggins: Can’t Hurt Me. What can Teachers Learn from this Book?  [17th November 2019]

Cognitive Sandwiching: A Method for Teaching Difficult Topics [7th November 2019]

Bruce Lee: My Favorite Teacher [27th October 2019]

The Power of Praise Paperback: Proofreading Complete [23rd October 2019]

Exciting New Online Course for Teachers [10th October 2019]

The Disconnect: How Over-Rewarding Fails Students [6th October 2019]

Digitizing the Learning Experience: EdTech 101 [29th September 2019]

Letting Them ‘Roll With It’ – The Power of Exploration [22nd September 2019]

A ‘Gender Neutral’ School Uniform – Mainstream Lunacy [14th September 2019]

The Power of Praise: My Second Book [3rd September 2019]

Curriculum Clarity: Making Things Clear for Students [25th August 2019]

A Back-to-School Checklist for Teachers [18th August 2019]

5 Efficient Marking and Assessment Strategies [4th August 2019]

Can Progress be ‘Engineered’ from the Start? [28th July 2019]

Dealing With Stress as a Teacher [21st July 2019]

Seeking Help From Colleagues: Tips for Teachers [14th July 2019]

5 Super Cool Teacher Hacks [7th July 2019]

5 Effective Teacher Behaviors [30th June 2019]

Speak up if you Have a Problem [16th June 2019]

5 Ways to Empower Your Students [9th June 2019]

Opinion: Should University be Free? [5th June 2019]

Using Movement and Action to Enhance Learning [2nd June 2019]

10 Learning Games to Play With Your Students [26th May 2019] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

The ‘Three As’ [19th May 2019]

Start Lessons Promptly [5th May 2019]

News: Warwick University Fudges Exam Timetable [2nd May 2019]

Run an ECA (Why, What and How) [28th April 2019]

News: Students Must Learn to Outwit Robots [24th April 2019]

Use Positive, Specific Feedback [20th April 2019]

News: Schoolgirl Put in Isolation 240 Times [16th April 2019]

Praise is Power! [14th April 2019]

Use Humor to Enhance Learning [7th April 2019]

Have a Genuine Interest in the Lives of Your Students [31st March 2019]

Using Verbal Feedback: The Ugly Truth [24th March 2019]

When Kids Don’t Return Homework – What can we do? [17th March 2019]

“Education Not Indoctrination”: Parents Protest Over LGBT Lessons [10th March 2019]

Turbo Teaching: 5 Ways to Supercharge Learning [6th March 2019]

3 Tips for Reducing Your Teacher Workload [24th February 2019*POPULAR ARTICLE!*

5 Simple Ways to Become a Better Teacher [17th February 2019*POPULAR ARTICLE!*

5 Things Schools Should be Teaching Kids (But Probably Aren’t) [10th February 2019]

5 Easy Ways to Help Exam-Level Students [3rd February 2019] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

What is ‘Question Level Analysis’? [27th January 2019

3 Cool Education Apps to use in 2019 [20th January 2019]

Using Tablets in Teaching [6th January 2019] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

My Teacher Promises for 2019 (Part 2) [23rd December 2018]

My Teacher Promises for 2019 (Part 1) [16th December 2018]

The Power of Pausing [9th December 2018]

Teaching Key Words: Part 1 [2nd December 2018]

Tips for Organising Homework [25th November 2018]

Stop Devaluing Your Students [18th November 2018

10 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Students [4th November 2018]

Behaviour Management Basics [28th October 2018]

How Should Teachers Behave on Social Media? [7th October 2018]

Five Ways to Organize Information [28th September 2018]

The ‘Four Pillars’ of Time-Saving Marking [16th September 2018]

10 Techniques Every Teacher Needs to Know [9th September 2018] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

Back to School Sadness: Student Challenges [2nd September 2018]

Putting Numbers Into Everything [26th August 2018] 

Differentiating Texts [19th August 2018

Back to School Basics for Teachers [13th August 2018] 

5 Easy Ways to Teach English Through any Subject [29th July 2018

Should Parents be Involved in Sex Education? [22nd July 2018] 

The Four Rules of Praise [15th July 2018

Can Sympathy and Empathy be Taught? [8th July 2018] 

Digital Disaster: Screen Time is Destroying Childrens’ Health [1st July 2018]

Don’t be a Mediocre Teacher [10th June 2018]

Should we set Homework for the Summer Vacation? [3rd June 2018

Subtle Reinforcement: Techniques to Gradually Build Confidence and Character in our Students [27th May 2018] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

The Effective use of Detentions [13th May 2018

The ‘Care Factor’: Changing Live one Student at a Time [6th May 2018]

Actually Giving a Damn: The ONLY Thing That Matters? [29th April 2018] 

How can Teachers Earn Extra Money? [22nd April 2018]

What Should Schools Teach? [19th April 2018] 

The War on Masculinity in Schools: A Growing Epidemic? [19th April 2018] 

The Exam Period is Here: How Will you use Your Gained Time? [15th April 2018] 

Report-Writing Nightmares: Become More Efficient and Save Time [8th April 2018

Easter Revision Tips to Share With Your Students [1st April 2018]

What is an ‘Authentic’ Teacher? [18th March 2018

11 Female Teachers who Changed the World: International Women’s Day 2018 [11th March 2018

World Book Day: Every Teacher is an English Teacher [4th March 2018

7 Plenary Activities for PGCE Students and Newly Qualified Teachers [25th February 2018] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

Learning Journals: A Powerful Student Feedback System [18th February 2018] *POPULAR ARTICLE!*

Peer or Self-Assessment? Benefits and Challenges [11th February 2018] 

Marking Week 2: What Should Teachers Actually Mark? [4th February 2018] 

Marking: Why, What and How? [28th January 2018]

Back to School After Christmas: Teacher Survival Guide [7th January 2018]



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