Kindle Books: Convenient and Beautifully formatted! 

I belong to a generation who can actually remember a world without the internet. At high school, my library was filled with physical books (not a computer in sight), and I would love the texture and beauty of a brand new physical book in my hands. 

I thought that I would never get into reading books on an app, or through some kind of electronic means. However, since publishing my book on Kindle a few days ago, I’ve been amazed at how professional and presentable each page looks as you flick through a book. Just check out these screenshots from my book here: 


As you can see, Kindle books have numerous advantages over physical books, such as:

  1. Images are in full colour. A lot of physical books will contain black and white images as this reduces the manufacturing costs 
  2. You can zoom in on images 
  3. You can keep hundreds of books on your smart phone, tablet or Kindle device at once. Imagine carrying 100 physical books around with you!
  4. Kindle books often have a ‘text to speech’ feature, so you can ‘listen’ to your books
  5. Chapters are clickable: you don’t have to flick through loads of pages to get to a chapter

It looks like eBooks are here to stay. Are the physical book’s days numbered? 


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