Cool Movie Trailer Activity

Great ideas here. Applicable to many subjects #pgce #ittchat #teachforamerica


Trade boring old papers for fun videos – here are 5 steps my colleague followed

My colleague Sara Kelty, who teaches Global History and Geography in our high school, shared with me this cool movie trailer activity she created. I couldn’t wait to blog about it (and soon will steal it for my own middle school students!).

Here’s how she organized it:

1. Sara had students write a paper about a famous hero from World War 2. The paper had to tell the tale of a real life hero of the Second World War. The paper also had to take the form of a proposal – to convince a movie producer to make a film about this individual.

2. Sara assessed the work and then chose a number of them that she felt were the best.

3. Those students who wrote the best papers were declared directors. These directors, along with their teammates, would then create…

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