Breaking News! – 2nd Edition of The Quick Guide Available Within Days!

An update by Richard James Rogers (Author of The Quick Guide to Classroom Management). 

What’s this? Only the new and improved 2nd edition of The Quick Guide! With in-chapter questions, online answers, new information and extracts from my blog; this really is an unmissable book for new and experienced teachers alike! Still at the same bargain price of $7.99. To be released on Amazon globally in the next few days! Spread the word! 😊🏙📚✈️🧮


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High School Science and Mathematics Teacher, Author and Blogger. Graduated from Bangor University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Molecular Biology and a PGCE in Secondary Science Education. Richard also holds the coveted Certificate in Mathematics from the Open University (UK). Richard is the award-winning author of The Quick Guide to Classroom Management: 45 Secrets That All High School Teachers Need to Know

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